Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don't dig a hole to China

By Becca Brown

Don't dig a hole to China,
I heard my mother say.
Your brother did that last year,
and now he's gone away.

I said Mommy, don't worry;
he's living like a king!
He built himself a castle
just outside of Beijing.

And then there was my sister,
who forged a golden boat.
She slid it in the ocean,
but then it wouldn't float!

She sketched a new design
to build a shiny jet.
Then flew it to the Andes,
and stayed without regret.

My mommy was quite downcast;
her family lives apart -
kids on different continents,
she had a broken heart.

But now we always visit,
and round the world we roam.
I tied a big hot air balloon
right atop our home.


Copyright © 2015 Becca Brown. All Rights Reserved. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How Many?

It's snowing again. (I am truly excited about spring!) As I watched the wintery mix with my son, I thought about the individual snowflakes that constitute beautiful snow. Enjoy.

How Many?
By Becca Brown

It snowed all day long,
Two meters I heard.
But how many snowflakes,
Construct a blizzard?

Or here is a number,
I will ascertain.
How many cloud droplets,
Will sum up to rain.

And how many grains,
Of sand is the norm,
To swirl the Sahara,
In frightful sandstorm?

The answers to these,
Three issues addressed.

There's just too many to count,
I guess.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My World Comes Alive

My World Comes Alive
By Becca Brown

My world comes alive,
When pom-poms hanging from rope
Is a forest of willow trees.

My world comes alive,
When an old tennis racquet
Is a guitar to strum tunes.

My world comes alive,
When a cardboard box
Shoots me to the stars.

My world comes alive,
When I can feel
That life is more
When I believe.

The Opportunist Cat

The Opportunist Cat
By Becca Brown

Oh kitty why such secrecy
I try to find you but you flee
I spy you sleeping peacefully
Then SCAT you pull a grand Houdini

He he he
Don't run from me
We'll cuddle kitty
Wait and see!

I am elusive, I'm a sneak
I disappear without a streak
Throughout the house I carefully sneak
Avoiding noise and kid physiques

He he he
You can't catch me
I'll hide completely
Wait and see!

Your fur's so smooth so fun to pet
The softest thing I ever met
Why won't you play don't run don't fret
I will not take you to the vet

He he he
Don't run from me
We'll cuddle kitty
Wait and see!

I'm ready to eat dinner now
Where are you humans? I want chow!
For food I'll snuggle and allow
The kids to pet me, prr...meow!

He he he
You can't catch me
I'll hide completely
Wait and see!

I know you're hungry, I'm not dumb
You hop on me, expose your tum
Well snuggle up, but you've become
My opportunist chum!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Running Away

I was thinking about when I ran away as a kid. I didn't get very far - ultimately I didn't know where to go but I also missed my brother and sister. Here's a short story about running away.

Running Away 

By Becca Brown

I plan to run away today
My bags are packed, I'm ready.
I can no longer live at home
With little brother Freddie!

He takes my toys and whines a lot,
He tattles on me proudly.
He sits too close he crowds my space,
He chews his food so loudly!

He broke into my room again.
He steals my mom's attention.
He always gives me wet willies.
He stares in my direction!

I walk outside to go but then
I hear my brother Freddie.
He calls my name, he chases me.
His bags are packed, he's ready.

I have responsibilities,
I am his older brother.
It's best for us to stay at home,
And watch out for each other.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kitty in My Tummy

I was sitting in a meeting when my stomach started to growl. It occurred to me that my two year old son does not understand what that uncomfortable sensation is. I chalk it up to a kitty in my tummy. Enjoy.

Tummy Kitty
By Becca Brown

Rumble, grumble, gurgle.
I hear a funny sound.
Roar, rawer, growl...
(A lion's cry resounds!?!)

In fact it's just a kitty,
He lives inside my tummy.
I don't know how he got there,
Just heard him once say "yummy"!

He's normally satisfied,
I eat my meals on time.
But skip a lunch and kitty,
Becomes a fierce feline!

Rumble, grumble, gurgle,
It's time for me to eat.
Roar, rawer, growl ...
Kitty craves his treat.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today we got a few inches of snow and a few weeks ago there was rain. I prefer the snow over the rain but I think that my toddler son prefers the rain! He just loves to jump in puddles and hates to come inside when I asked him to. Here is a little poem I wrote about rain storms. Enjoy.

by Becca Brown

My favorite weather is the rain.
I splash in water, watch it drain.
I slosh in puddles, roll in mud.
It’s twice the fun when there’s a flood!

But when the roaring thunder sounds,
And lighting strikes upon the ground,
My mommy hollers, “come inside”!
I do so but with teary-eyes.

At last the storm clouds roll on by,
I see a sparkle in the sky.
That's Mother Earth, she blinks at me
Cause lightening gives her energy.

So when my mommy spots a bolt
Of Lightening I will not revolt.
For kids it’s deadly if you’re hit.
For Mother Earth it keeps her fit!