Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Santa's Secret

Here's a little something for Christmas. Matty and mommy are in Lachendorf, Germany visiting Matty's Oma and Opa. We've been to Weihnachtsmarkt two times - I love this traditional German Christmas market.

Santa's Secret

by Becca Brown

It’s true that Santa makes his flight,
Delivers toys in just one night.
But thank you to technology,
He’s increased his efficiency.

From the UK to the USA,
In warp he’s there without delay.
With GPS he never skips,
A “nice” kid’s house on weather blips.
Food replicators make the snacks,
His reindeer need to stay on track.
The sleigh is fitted with X-ray,
To check the chimney’s clear pathway.

His vast technology astounds,
But Santa’s human; he has bounds.

…His secret is time travel!

If he messes up tonight,
He’s back in time to make it right.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Name My Species

Matty and I went to the New England Aquarium on Friday. This trip inspired a quick riddle poem. I'll do some riddles from time to time - here's the first one!

Have fun!

Name my species #1
by Becca Brown

I lived with the dinosaurs,
But I survived the meteors!

I have flippers or webbed feet,
I don’t need teeth to eat.

My land name rhymes with porpoise,
In the sea I’m omnivorous.

I’m many colors: brown, black, or green,
I’m the hardest reptile you’ve ever seen!

Who am I? Answer in comments. Becca

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I attended my critique group and received very good feedback on my poem Zoo. I really like this critique group - they are quite helpful. I likewise spend time on my critique of their works; mostly they write short stories or chapters or novels, which are fun to read. Here's the next material revision of my original poem, Zoo.

I LOVE this version and am working with Marisol Brown on the illustrations.

Matty and Mommy

by Becca Brown

I’m two and a half
and I love the zoo
I’ve been to five zoos
that’s a lot, how about you?

I see new animals
each time that I go
Today I say “Roar”
to the lion, you know

I call “Rawer" to the tiger
as she walks ‘round and ‘round
Her baby cubs wrestle
around on the ground

Mama elephant I see
has a cute baby calf
Together they play
with their trunks and I laugh

I try to crawl over
the wooden blockade
to touch the giraffe
as he runs to the shade

Twin cotton-top tamarins
play tag in the tree
At home my big my sister
chases me - “weee”!

The Flamingo flock dances
in a pink flowy pack
they honk to me back

The Camel is steadfast
she just will not budge
from behind baby calf
gives her mama a nudge

The butterflies flutter
with colors so bright
I reach out to touch one
up high in the light

I do love the zoo
I don’t want to go
I guess I have to
I’m tired, you know

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?