Sunday, October 26, 2014

There Once Was a Toddler Named Sandy

Matty's near two years old and I've battled him on brushing his teeth basically every night since he was born. He is a terrible eater - he prefers whole milk and any processed carbohydrate over veggies and whole grains. I introduce new foods  to pique his interest and slowly I see his eating habits improving, but we are far from there. Healthy eating habits or not, brushing is important.

This poem relates what I was thinking about one night when I was tired and wanted to skip brushing teeth. I conjured up this image in my head and decided to brush his teeth.

There Once Was a Toddler Named Sandy

by Becca Brown

There once was a toddler named Sandy
Who ate nothing ever but candy
Her teeth fell right out
Oh look, people Shout!
The toothless preschooler named Sandy

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Today we went to the Boston Book Festival! There we saw Matty's favorite author, Anna Dewdney, and enjoyed a guest appearance by Llama Llama himself!

Matty is completely exhausted and I am hoping that time will pass quickly as his bedtime nears.

I am growing as a poet and children's author; and as part of this process, I will be experimenting with various poem structures. Here's a cinquain poem that describes how Matty is right now.


By Becca Brown


Full day, Fun day

No nap it’s five PM

Biting, Screaming, Crying, Laughing


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Matty and Mommy: Aquarium World

Matty, daddy, and I went to the New England Aquarium. The aquarium is right next to Long Wharf in Boston and a great place for toddlers! Besides all of the sea creatures that I mention in the poem below, Matty really loved to see his sneakers light up by hopping around in the dark atmosphere of the aquarium. Cute. Here's a link to a picture of Myrtle from my poem below, who lives at the New England Aquarium.

Matty and Mommy
Aquarium World

by Becca Brown

That’s a really big word

It’s a place where fish
They swim in a herd

It’s also a building
In the middle of the city

Where children like me
Can see life in the sea

I run inside
And trip with surprise

Mommy picks me up
Then I look high

There’s a world behind glass
I can see but can’t touch

I wish for no glass
I wish it so much

There’s a wide flat stingray
Shaped like a kite

With his stinger tail
He sure can fight

The eel is sleek
And slithers below

He scoots right by me
With a really bright glow

The hammerhead shark
Circles around so high

It would hurt, yes sir,
To be poked in that eye!

The balloonfish is cute
But don’t be a stranger

Three times he grows
When he is in danger

The moon jellies float
In a really big pack

Do you know, Mommy says,
That pack’s called a “smack”!

The big coral reef
Is home to so many

Shelter and food
On the reef is plenty

Matty, says mommy,
Do you see her so near?

It’s Myrtle green sea turtle
50 years she’s lived here

The tiniest penguin,
Little Blue is his name

He swims with his friends
And plays silly games

My tummy makes noises
I start to cry

That means I’m hungry

Aquarium bye bye.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Matty and Mommy: Fall Change

by Becca Brown

Fall is here, Matty
Mommy said
What is fall?
I scratch my head

Fall is a season
Three months of the year
After summer before winter
You know fall is here

For mommy and me
Fall means change
It’s different to summer
And that feels strange

In summer we swim
At Sandy Beach it’s hot
The beach is now closed
In the fall when it’s not

The sun shines bright
On warm summer days
I see the sun less
Fall sky is more gray

It’s dark in my room
Mommy says night night
Next to my bed
There’s a new nightlight

It’s cold outside
I wear a jacket
My pajamas have pants
My bed a thick blanket

My backyard is rainbow
Red, orange, yellow, and brown
Soon trees will be bare
Leaves fall to the ground

Fall is different to summer
That is true
But change is good

New things to do