Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today we got a few inches of snow and a few weeks ago there was rain. I prefer the snow over the rain but I think that my toddler son prefers the rain! He just loves to jump in puddles and hates to come inside when I asked him to. Here is a little poem I wrote about rain storms. Enjoy.

by Becca Brown

My favorite weather is the rain.
I splash in water, watch it drain.
I slosh in puddles, roll in mud.
It’s twice the fun when there’s a flood!

But when the roaring thunder sounds,
And lighting strikes upon the ground,
My mommy hollers, “come inside”!
I do so but with teary-eyes.

At last the storm clouds roll on by,
I see a sparkle in the sky.
That's Mother Earth, she blinks at me
Cause lightening gives her energy.

So when my mommy spots a bolt
Of Lightening I will not revolt.
For kids it’s deadly if you’re hit.
For Mother Earth it keeps her fit!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meister Twinkle, Eardrum Engineer

We arrived home safely from our flight to Germany! Matty slept right through takeoff and landing, so did not have any problems with he sudden changes in air pressure. Unfortunately for the parents in the row in front of us, some babies were not quite as lucky. Here's a little poem I wrote following our flight. Enjoy. And Happy New Year!

Meister Twinkle, Eardrum Engineer

by Becca Brown

A man named Meister Twinkle works
Inside my inner ear.
He took the job when I was born
As eardrum engineer.

He opens up a special tube,
And ear air circulates.
He can’t take any breaks because
An ear ache emanates.

Twinkle is reliable,
But awfully scared of heights.
On plane trips he prefers to doze
And dream throughout the flights!

So this is why my ears hurt when
We fly - it’s rather steep.
My ear tube doesn’t open up
‘Cause guess-who’s fast asleep!