Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today we got a few inches of snow and a few weeks ago there was rain. I prefer the snow over the rain but I think that my toddler son prefers the rain! He just loves to jump in puddles and hates to come inside when I asked him to. Here is a little poem I wrote about rain storms. Enjoy.

by Becca Brown

My favorite weather is the rain.
I splash in water, watch it drain.
I slosh in puddles, roll in mud.
It’s twice the fun when there’s a flood!

But when the roaring thunder sounds,
And lighting strikes upon the ground,
My mommy hollers, “come inside”!
I do so but with teary-eyes.

At last the storm clouds roll on by,
I see a sparkle in the sky.
That's Mother Earth, she blinks at me
Cause lightening gives her energy.

So when my mommy spots a bolt
Of Lightening I will not revolt.
For kids it’s deadly if you’re hit.
For Mother Earth it keeps her fit!

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