Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kitty in My Tummy

I was sitting in a meeting when my stomach started to growl. It occurred to me that my two year old son does not understand what that uncomfortable sensation is. I chalk it up to a kitty in my tummy. Enjoy.

Tummy Kitty
By Becca Brown

Rumble, grumble, gurgle.
I hear a funny sound.
Roar, rawer, growl...
(A lion's cry resounds!?!)

In fact it's just a kitty,
He lives inside my tummy.
I don't know how he got there,
Just heard him once say "yummy"!

He's normally satisfied,
I eat my meals on time.
But skip a lunch and kitty,
Becomes a fierce feline!

Rumble, grumble, gurgle,
It's time for me to eat.
Roar, rawer, growl ...
Kitty craves his treat.

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