Monday, February 16, 2015

Running Away

I was thinking about when I ran away as a kid. I didn't get very far - ultimately I didn't know where to go but I also missed my brother and sister. Here's a short story about running away.

Running Away 

By Becca Brown

I plan to run away today
My bags are packed, I'm ready.
I can no longer live at home
With little brother Freddie!

He takes my toys and whines a lot,
He tattles on me proudly.
He sits too close he crowds my space,
He chews his food so loudly!

He broke into my room again.
He steals my mom's attention.
He always gives me wet willies.
He stares in my direction!

I walk outside to go but then
I hear my brother Freddie.
He calls my name, he chases me.
His bags are packed, he's ready.

I have responsibilities,
I am his older brother.
It's best for us to stay at home,
And watch out for each other.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kitty in My Tummy

I was sitting in a meeting when my stomach started to growl. It occurred to me that my two year old son does not understand what that uncomfortable sensation is. I chalk it up to a kitty in my tummy. Enjoy.

Tummy Kitty
By Becca Brown

Rumble, grumble, gurgle.
I hear a funny sound.
Roar, rawer, growl...
(A lion's cry resounds!?!)

In fact it's just a kitty,
He lives inside my tummy.
I don't know how he got there,
Just heard him once say "yummy"!

He's normally satisfied,
I eat my meals on time.
But skip a lunch and kitty,
Becomes a fierce feline!

Rumble, grumble, gurgle,
It's time for me to eat.
Roar, rawer, growl ...
Kitty craves his treat.