Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall: My Favorite Time of Year

by Becca Brown

Festivals celebrate corn, pumpkin and cranberry harvests
Apple picking in New Hampshire
Lanterns named "Jack-0"
Luscious foliage in western Massachusetts

Friday, September 19, 2014

Matty and Mommy: Zoo

I love zoos; and I suspect that Matty will, too, since I always take him. He's been to the Hanover Zoo (Germany) twice, the Franklin Park Zoo (Boston) once, and the DC Zoo once - all before he was 18 months old! This poem is a compilation of the three but really most of the animals mentioned are at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

Matty and Mommy

by Becca Brown

I’m one and a half
and I love the zoo

I’ve been to five zoos
that’s a lot, how about you?

I see new animals
each time that I go

Today I say “Roar”
to the lion, you know

I say “Rawer” to the tiger
as she walks ‘round and ‘round

Her tiger cubs wrestle
around on the ground

The mamma elephant
has a cute baby calf

Together they play ball
with their trunks and I laugh

As tall as the sky,
the giraffe whizzes by

The hippo is so cute
but he swims in his poop

The baby cotton-top tamarin
has a crib in the tree

The flamingos squeak
run together with glee

The Camel knows
The kangaroo hops

The penguins scuttle
The crocodile chops

The python slithers
The butterlies flutter

The peacock dithers
The prarie dogs putter

The gorilla sleeps
The tortoise he’s slow

The bats see in the dark
I’m tired now, you know

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?