Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don't dig a hole to China

By Becca Brown

Don't dig a hole to China,
I heard my mother say.
Your brother did that last year,
and now he's gone away.

I said Mommy, don't worry;
he's living like a king!
He built himself a castle
just outside of Beijing.

And then there was my sister,
who forged a golden boat.
She slid it in the ocean,
but then it wouldn't float!

She sketched a new design
to build a shiny jet.
Then flew it to the Andes,
and stayed without regret.

My mommy was quite downcast;
her family lives apart -
kids on different continents,
she had a broken heart.

But now we always visit,
and round the world we roam.
I tied a big hot air balloon
right atop our home.


Copyright © 2015 Becca Brown. All Rights Reserved. 

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